About Me

Although I am trained in Massage Therapy, I work with people using a number of healing modalities and have found great success in supporting and treating people who may be experiencing emotional/physical trauma, vertigo, indigestion, chronic pain, concussion symptom or menopause. My work includes somatic experiencing: connection of mind/body/spirit, releasing energy cyst/cutting cords and listening to the physical on a cellular level.

As a young child Tracy recalls massaging her mother’s feet  hearing the words of her Mom, “You should become a Massage Therapist”.  From that moment on, it had always resonated in her head.  She chose to start a family at a young age, so raising a family was a priority, but as her children started going to school, Tracy too began her education.  Her family was very supportive throughout her endeavor as a single Mom, she followed her dream!

As a successful Registered Massage Therapist, Tracy discovered that anything is possible. The power is within you.

“I have been beyond impressed with Tracy. I have been seeing Tracy for 2 years now on a regular basis. She is an amazing massage therapist. She is calm, grounded, intuitive, and wise. She cares and understands the body and offers so much more than a massage. I had chronic headaches which she was able to get rid of. I used to eat Tylenol like candy daily, hourly. I can not remember the last time I had Tylenol or Advil. Sometimes I forget what pains I was having and Tracy went right to it, but would also explain that the route is coming from elsewhere. Tracy is amazing, knowledgeable, kind, caring and attentive. I am very impressed and happy I found here!” KORENA

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