“If you are looking for a profound healing experience with an exceptionally skilled massage therapist you have found her. I was looking for relief of stress from my lower abdomen to experience peace in my body. I had a myofascial massage session with Tracy and the results were quite stunning. I felt renewed energy in my entire body and I felt a deep sense of healing during and after the session. My stress completely disappeared and I felt clear in my head and energized in my body. I got a lot more than I asked for. Tracy is truly intuitive, kind, and gentle. I highly recommend her massage therapy and myofascial therapy services.”
~ Anita

“I had never been to a RMT before Tracy and didn’t really understand how highly trained she is plus her amazing knowledge of the human body.  I’m 64, very active and healthy BUT I do get areas of my body that can give me issues. Tracy has eliminated these pains for me every time.  She was treating me one day and just started working on my right shoulder even though I had not mentioned it to her, actually I had forgotten as it only was an issue when I lifted my arm over my head.  It is perfect again!!  Tracy has a Gift, is a passionate healer and has great hands.  You have found her for a reason.  I highly recommend Tracy.”
~ Judy 

“Tracy has an ability to tune into nuanced areas of the body to address issues that aren’t getting resolved through other treatments. She uses a combination to energetic precision and anatomical expertise to heal the body and restore its natural flow and balance. She has helped me heal my brain and spine which were injured in a serious bike accident by addressing deep areas like the brain stem with gentle, effective techniques that have improved my quality of life tremendously. I have brought friends and family to Tracy and would recommend her to anyone who want to have their body unfolded like origami and the tension patterns smoothed into bliss. Thank you Tracy for your support on my healing journey.”
~ Sarah 

“I am so grateful to have found Tracy. Her work is profound and I always feel like she gives my body exactly what it needs when I see her. I leave feeling reset on a psychological, spiritual, physical and emotional level ready to get back into life a little better then when I walked in.”
~ Kelly Ann Woods

“I have been seeing Tracy Knapp for 6 years now and I have cerebral palsy. Tracy has helped me both mentally and physically. I have a high amount of respect for you, you do an amazing job. I live in Surrey and I travel all the way to Squamish that’s how amazing she is. I can’t find anybody else that does the amazing work she does. YOU ARE THE BEST.”
~ Brenden 

“Tracy Knapp is my angel. When all the Doctors & Specialists couldn’t figure out what was causing my debilitating/chronic headaches, I put my head in Tracy’s hands. I have been working with Tracy for 6 years. No matter how far she moves away, I will travel to see her for my sessions with her. She gave me my life back! I will be forever grateful for her amazing talent & intuition.”
~ Michelle 

“I have been seeing Tracy for 2 years on a regular basis. She is an amazing massage therapist. She is calm, grounded, intuitive, and wise. She cares and really understands the body and offers so much more than a massage. I had chronic headaches which she was able to get rid of. I used to eat Tylenol like candy daily, hourly. I can not remember the last time I had Tylenol or Advil. Sometimes I forget what the pains I was having and Tracy went right to it, but would also explain that the route is coming from elsewhere. Tracy is amazing, knowledgeable, kind, caring and attentive. I am very impressed and happy I found her!” ~Korena